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Welcome to Luxehires!

To keep our rental system free of conflicts we require you to pick how your clothes will be shipped. You can pickup your clothes in Southport, Gold Coast! You will get the exact address via email. Please make sure to contact us on instagram before a pickup or drop off!

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Terms of Service

Luxe Hires ABN: 54 645 681 821

DISCLAIMER: Hiring from Luxe Hires you are recognised as responsible and accepting to all the following terms and conditions and will conform with all the following rules and procedures. Luxe Hires provides the right to alter and change any terms and conditions at its discretion without notice or announcement. 

DAMAGES: It is acknowledged when hiring Luxe Hires garments that they all will be treated with respect and carefulness as they can be delicate and high valued. In the case of a returned garment in poor condition, Luxe Hires has the legal grounds to charge additional fees in order to repair the damages done. However, if the garment is damaged beyond repair, Luxe Hires has the rights to charge you the replacement value of the garment (RRP). If you are required to pay the RRP of a damaged garment beyond our repair, this transaction will be separate to the cost of hire originally paid.

CLEANING: Be cautious of garments when applying fake tan, perfume, makeup and when around food/drinks. All garments are carefully, thoroughly and consistently dry cleaned. This is NOT included in the hire price paid. In the case of a garment being returned with any form of stains that Luxe Hires are unable to remove, the payer is liable to pay the required fee to cover dry cleaning costs. In the event of dry cleaning not being able to repair the garment, customers will also be required to pay the RRP of the outfit. 

PICK UP/DROP OFFS: Hires over the weekend must be returned by the following Monday at 5:00pm. Each garment must be returned on time, or a time agreed on between Luxe Hires and the customer in other cases. Each day after the returned date a late returned fee of $20.00 is required. If the garment is late and therefore can cannot be hired for the following customer, the full hire price already paid is required to be paid again. Picking up garments is only through booking appointments only, DO NOT plan of arriving to collection unannounced, the time must be organised prior to the collection time. 

POSTAGE: Weekend hires which require interstate postage must be placed by 3:00pm Tuesday, this will make sure your garment arrives by the weekend of your event. Luxe Hires is not liable for any delays in postage due to Australia Post. Luxe Hires’ garments are posted using Express Post with ample time; therefore, we are not accountable for late deliveries. 

POSTAGE RETURNS: If you require and select postage both ways, your garment will be posted to you in an Australia Post Express parcel with a return pre-paid express post satchel inside. You, as the customer simply must place and seal your garment hired in the new, prepaid satchel. If your garment is not returned in the Express Post package provided, and instead is returned using standard shipping late fees will apply. All weekend rentals must be returned at a post office by 3pm on Monday. There are no exceptions to this, unless organised and discussed with Luxe Hires prior to payment. If the garment is hired on a weekday, it must be returned the day after the event, otherwise late fees will apply. Once return is lodged, a photo of the lodgement receipt must be sent via DM. 

REFUNDS: Luxe Hires does not offer refunds. This includes issues with sizing, delays due to Australia Post, change of mind, postponing/cancelling of event etc. As issues with sizing does not qualify for a refund, ensure you DM Luxe Hires regarding any questions in relation to sizing and extensive help will be offered. Additionally on the Luxe Hires website, sizing information will be detailed and provided for each garment. Store credits will be provided under most circumstances and will be valid for one year from date of issue. 

TRY-ONS: To book a try on appointment, you will be charged a $10 non-refundable deposit to secure your appointment. This deposit will be deducted from your hire fee when you secure your garment. If you cannot attend your designated try on time slot, please DM Luxe Hires via Instagram, with 24 hours’ notice and your appointment can be changed to a more suitable date, free of extra charge. We ask kindly no more than 2 people, including the individual renting to attend the try-on appointment please.