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Welcome to Luxehires!

To keep our rental system free of conflicts we require you to pick how your clothes will be shipped. You can pickup your clothes in Southport, Gold Coast! You will get the exact address via email. Please make sure to contact us on instagram before a pickup or drop off!

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$AUD 24

Please note when changing the shipping method your cart will be cleared. You can change your shipping method in the main menu.


Available time slots

Select a date from the calendar to view available tryon Slots.

To book a try on appointment, you will be charged a $AUD 10 non-refundable deposit to secure your appointment. This deposit will be deducted from your hire fee when you secure your garment. Learn more in our Terms and Conditions.


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Please fill in your billing information. Our try-ons are held in in Southport, Gold Coast! You will get the exact address via email after the booking! If you need to cancel the booking or you know that you will be late - please dm us via Instagram


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